Embroidery Design: Anchor starfish and fish
2 Sizes


Machine embroidery design: Stitches: 20037

1. Dolphin Blue [R5829]
2. Pillow Blue [R9059]
3. Fairytale Pink [R9015]
4. Scarlet [R5519]
5. Blue Ink [R5740]
6. Sunflower [R5762]
7. Sun Gold [R5512]
8. Yellow [R5513]
9. Sunflower [R5762]
10. Pastoral Green [R5621]
11. Passion Rose [R5899]
12. Sapphire [R5821]
13. Foxy Red [R5563]
14. Black [R5596]
15. Pastoral Green [R5621]
16. Passion Rose [R5899]


vintage beach starfish fish anchor water nautical

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