As an official Hatch reseller, we are very excited about the official launch of Hatch Version 2, which is now available. This new version is not going to disappoint. Two years ago, when Hatch launched it was immediately my observation that it was hands down the best and most powerful software in the entire home embroidery industry. That, along with its incredible price, made it stand apart as the best.

Now with the release of Version 2, Hatch has ensured its position as being the best in the industry by giving its users new features that far surpass the cost of the upgrade. I would also like to thank all of our customers who purchase Hatch though Digitizing Made Easy, as a reseller I realize consumers have a choice when making their purchase. We’ve done our best to set ourselves apart by providing quality education and support to all Hatch owners.

For years at events, I’ve always made the statement that “any software is only as good as the education available for it“. Being a digitizer for 35 years and teaching in both the commercial and home industries for over two decades I’ve made education one of my primary objectives.

In appreciation, when a customer does purchase through Digitizing Made Easy, we have always provided our exclusive interactive educational and ESA font bonuses to assist with getting past the learning curve.

If Hatch users decide to upgrade to Version 2, please remember to purchase through our our official reseller link and as a special thank you, you’ll receive codes for bonus ESA fonts as our Exclusive Gift.

At Digitizing Made Easy we have developed over 600 ESA fonts that can be added directly into your Hatch software. These fonts are object-based lettering that utilizes the power of Wilcoms patented stitch processor. Unlike other embroidery fonts, ESA fonts are not merely “stitch files” that have been assigned a keystroke. They are object-based files which carry the same attributes as vector artwork files; they can be modified at the click of a button!

Once again you will need to purchase through one of our links to receive our exclusive bonuses, our bonuses cannot be retroactively applied after the point of purchase.

Now for the exciting part, here are just some of the Key feature updates of the new Version 2 Hatch release.

  • Hatch now supports Corel Draw SE and Graphic Suite X8

    hatch version 2

    hatch version 2

  • Support for 4K High-Resolution Monitors

hatch version 2 improved 4k

hatch version 2 improved 4k

  • Improved design management, giving more detailed information.

Hatch 2 Improved Design Management

  • Graphics improvements, besides support for Corel Draw, a crop tool is available for auto Digitizing with improved color reduction.

hatch 2 color improvements

  • Most importantly you can now output to SVG.

hatch 2 export to svg

Improved Digitizing features include:

  • A new one-click redwork tool for double run stitches, automatically branching objects while logically eliminating jumps and trims.

hatch 2 rework tool feature

  • Improved object properties, giving you “quick visual access.”

hatch 2 updates and improvements

  • New standard shapes for quick design creation.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 9.55.12 PM

  • New elastic embossed fills which create dramatic stitch effects.

hatch 2 new embossed fill

  • New alternating motif fills at the click of a button.

hatch 2 new alternating motif fills

  • Extended tooltips allowing for easier editing

hatch 2 new toolbar tips

  • Improved outlines and offsets, enabling you to now select rounded or squared corners.

hatch 2 improved outlines and offsets

  • A whole array of new and improved editing capabilities, including improved, reshape nodes, color optimization, added control to trims, tie-ins, and tie-offs.

    hatch 2 new reshape nodes

hatch 2 color improvements

  • A new weld tool that combines objects into a single object.

new weld tool hatch version 2

  • A new knife tool feature allowing you to make split monograms quickly.

new knife tool version 2 hatch

  • Auto appliqué improvements include New appliqué tool with holes, new covert to appliqué from objects, frame-out options, and enhanced appliqué cutting line features.

new applique tools hatch 2 Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 10.17.01 PM

  • 15 new fonts have been added to the Digitizing program giving you 101 built-in fonts to play with.

hatch version 2 new fonts

  • Improved auto start and end options.

hatch 2 autostart and end

  • And improved hooping features, including new hoop template selections and New automatic multi-hooping.

hatch version 2 hooping update Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 10.32.26 PM

What I also like is that all these improvements and new features have been implemented within the platform that Hatch users have become familiar using. I consider this a valuable asset, as the user does not have to relearn the program, only easily explore all the powerful new tools and toys.

Enjoy exploring Hatch Version 2 as I feel Wilcom has once again raised the bar with helping users produce quality embroidery designs.

Click here to upgrade today.