Digitizing is all about practice and applying the foundation you learn into different techniques. This lesson continues where the last lesson left off… we’ve included five new design projects which all create slightly different looks based on the artwork and medium.

Each design has been posted as a separate video lesson so you can work on each one independently. This makes it easy to complete the entire lesson before moving onto the next. I’ll give you introductions for each design so we can assess the artwork, come up with a game plan, and then load the design into your software and start digitizing.

Once you’ve worked through all five designs, you’ll have successfully learned to control your inputs at the selected scale within your software. Inputting stitches to create just the right amount of detail will then start to feel like second nature. This will equip you for the next lesson which will explore more realism and blending colors.

The run time on these 5 videos is approximately 70-80 minutes dependent on your software brand. Because these are interactive lessons, you’ll be following along by pausing and playing while digitizing the exercise designs. Completing all the exercises within this and all of our lessons will undoubtedly take time. Please keep in mind that there are many factors which will determine how fast you complete each level. Remember this is not a race.

Happy stitching & keep up the great work! The next step of your Embroidery Legacy starts here with ours.

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