Do you hate to be cold yet love embroidery and saving money? If so, you’re going to like this fun and easy in-the-hoop project where you can use your hand as a pattern!

ith fingerless mittens

There’s nothing better than using your love for embroidery and being able to personalize it for yourself or a loved one. This project is also a great excuse to spend extra time in your sewing room!

Why Create These Easy ITH Embroidered Fingerless Mittens?

Save your money on buying mittens from the store and create some with spare fabric in your fabric stash (or you can use an old no-longer-used sweater). Cater to your own likes by using colored fabric and threads and specialized embroidery designs. From monogram mittens for your friends to cute cartoon characters for your kids or grandkids, you’ll be able to create personalized mittens for all those in your life. 

The best part? This project is very easy & requires no additional sewing! Once a mitten pattern is created, it is very easy to change the design or embellishments used to make mittens to suit all styles. 

If you have embroidery software, making these mitts is a no-brainer! Not only are they stylish, but they also keep you warm during these cold months. Let’s get started.

Supplies Needed For ITH Fingerless Mittens

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  • Tear-away stabilizer

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  • Fleece (size will depend on your desired mitt size)

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In-The-Hoop Embroidered Fingerless Mitten

Digitizing Fingerless Mitten Pattern

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Step 1: Trace your hand per the diagram and leave 1/2 inch room for allowance

Step 2: Digitize a placement line (blue dotted line)

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fingerless mitt diagram

Step 3: Insert a fun pattern of your choice (not too large)

Step 4: Digitize the top edge design, the one by your fingers (PURPLE Line); try using motifs if you like

Step 5: Digitize tack down #1 line in color A (blue dotted line

Step 6: Digitize a final sewing line following the same blue dotted line

hatch mitten screenshot

Embroidering Fingerless Mittens

Step 1: Hoop tear-away stabilizer

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Step 2: Float a piece of fleece, right side up

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Step 3: Stitch design up until the end of the decorative design.

Step 4: Remove the hoop from your machine

Step 5: CAREFULLY tear away the stabilizer in the CENTER of the glove (not outside) 

Step 6: Using spray tack (and tape if you like), adhere a piece of fleece to the underside of the hoop, right side up

Step 7: Return the hoop to your embroidery machine and stitch the decorative lines (purple) next to the fingers and wrist

Step 8: Remove the hoop from the machine and, using spray tack, adhere another piece of fleece, the wrong side up to the TOP side of the hoop (so it covers the design), and return the hoop to the machine

Step 9: Finish stitching and remove it from your embroidery machine

Step 10: You should have three layers (two stitched together at the fingers, wrist, and sides; this is the insulated top of the glove. The other layer is a single layer on the palm side of your hand.

Step 11: BEFORE CUTTING…. Tear away the stabilizer around the glove.

Step 12: Trim to ¼ and turn inside out.

Wear and enjoy!

Conclusion: Creating ITH Fingerless Mittens Is Easy & Can Be Perfectly Personalized 

These fingerless mittens can be modified to size- made as a traditional mitten. Use your creativity! Switch up your fabric and embroidery designs to create different looks. Save scraps of fleece or use old sweaters to create fun and attractive hand-warming mitts. See where your creativity takes you.

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