Tired of looking for a toy your child will love that won’t break the bank? Why not make one!

embroidery applique tools

Although embroidering an applique design can seem intimidating, creating them is easier than you think! You get to further customize your project by selecting your thread color and fabric. Plus, you also get to reduce your stitch count and run time on your machine, while still creating something visually appealing. Get more information on how to sew an applique embroidery design.

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Why Embroider This Kids’ Applique Toolbelt project?

One of the many wonderful things about having young children is that they don’t know the difference between a $500 toy or a $5 toy. So, why not make something for them yourself that is both cute and gets their imaginations going? These lovable applique toolbelt designs are the perfect accessory for young builders!

In terms of you the embroiderer, embroidering this applique toolbelt encourages you to be creative. Now keep in mind that you don’t only have to use the tool designs highlighted in this project. The fabrics and designs you choose to embroider are limitless. You can apply our tutorial steps to any applique designs, although when it comes to any of our project tutorials we recommend using our quality embroidery designs, for best results. Of course, just keep in mind what your child would enjoy playing with, as the purpose of this project is for their play use.

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Now if you’re really looking for something fun to keep the kids entertained, try getting your child involved in the embroidery process! Kids love to watch and learn new things. They also love to help out, and including their input would make this toolbelt project more memorable and personal for them (which will likely make them want to play with it more if they “made” it).

Although sometimes children aren’t the most productive “helpers,” spending time together can be the highlight of this project, and who knows, maybe this would be the start of their love for embroidery!

This child applique toolbelt would also be a great gift for a birthday, Christmas, or just because. If you’ve shopped for children before, you’ve seen the outrageous prices of children’s toys. Not only can you personalize this toy and get your child involved, but it’s also budget-friendly! You can use leftover fabric from previous embroidery projects and buy all the other materials needed at a low cost. 

** It might go without saying but please remember to keep your kids away from your embroidery machine while it’s running.

This project is excellent for play and imagination, and best of all it doesn’t break the bank.

Supplies Required For This Applique Toolbelt Project:

Kids Applique Toolbelt Tutorial:

Step 1 -Prepare fabric

stabilizer for applique

Step 2 -Hoop water soluble stabilizer. Tear away can also be used, but I would suggest not stitching all of the designs at the same time in this case.

hooping stabilizer

Step 3 -Stitch placement stitch. Adhere fabric on top and bottom of the stabilizer/placement line.

fabric on stabilizer

Step 4 -Stitch tack-down stitch.

Step 5 -Cut excess fabric on top and bottom.

cutting applique fabric

Step 6 -Stitch the remaining details.

stitching applique details

Step 7 -Cut out excess stabilizer.

cutting applique stabilizer

Step 8 -Carefully remove the remaining stabilizer. I do not suggest submerging in water, as this may result in a puckered mess. Instead, you can use either Q tip, or for an expert solution use a “solvy-ball”… To learn more and create your own “solvy-ball” check out our tutorial on how to properly remove the water soluble stabilizer here.

removing embroidery stabilizer

Step 9 -Sew buckle to the ribbon. If you want to get fancy, I would suggest webbing.

sewing buckle to ribbon

Step 10 -Attach velcro to tools, then attach to the belt.

applique embroidery designs

Conclusion: Save Money By Embroidering Your Children An Applique Toolbelt

Now that you know how easy it is to create your own kids’ applique toolbelt, why not start on that next birthday present or early Christmas gift? With no limit to your creativeness, your options are limitless! Your child will enjoy this applique toolbelt, and it’ll keep them entertained while also sparking their imagination.

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Happy stitching!