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Hatch Embroidery Software

“This is one of the best software to learn how to digitize on, I have Coral Draw and have tried merging some of my own designs it worked so easy. I just can’t say enough. I love Hatch and All the support. Glad I was looking for help for WingsXP or I would have never found Hatch. By the way Hatch is all I use now. Very Happy Hatchling!”
Dianna S.
“I did the 30 day trial and loved it from the first minute. So user friendly and the support system is amazing. Not only is it great easy to use software, it is smart ware. I couldn’t believe by picking the fabric it would adjust the settings I need. The branching tool is amazing, just so many features are great. How can you beat this, an amazing software, super support staff, lots and lots of great videos and awesome stitching to boot.”
Suzan S.
“I was a bit apprehensive to start digitizing as I kept hearing how difficult it is, but with Hatch and the great tutorials on your site I am sure I can get to where I want to be. It is very hard to find the designs I really like, so this opens a lot of doors to new things.”
Sonja A.
“Hatch is hands down the best because I have been able to digitize 3 feltie designs, start to finish and they stitch out beautiful!. I have 2 other systems and I just don’t get the settings in the others. Hatch is extremely user friendly for a beginner and that makes it exciting!”
Kim P.
“Oh my goodness. What to say about Hatch. I have tried several different programs and had no luck. Some had no support, others were so complex with minimal instructions that made it so hard to learn I gave up. Hatch has been amazing. The classes, tutorial videos and individual help have enabled me to learn a craft I had just dreamed of. The support from Sue, John and Sam when I have program issues has been above and beyond. The program itself is so user friendly I enjoy it thoroughly. I love this program”
Carol F.
“I’m addicted! This software is very simple to learn and to use! (Sue S Brown is my idol). Digitizing Made Easy has a FREE FULL WORKING 30-day trial for Hatch software, the freebies included with it are awesome and helped so much. The videos helped me conquer this software, and now I feel quite accomplished and confident using it to create my own designs, (I still have lots to learn), the things you can do with this software are endless. The Hatch Facts Facebook group, is “AMAZING”, everyone in this group is very helpful, the knowledge of the Main admins …”
Karen K.

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