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$1099 | Only $899

Buy Hatch Embroidery Software through us as your official reseller to secure Hatch’s sale price + $251 worth of exclusive bonuses!

$1099 | Only $899

Offer Ends In:
hatch official reseller logo

Exclusive Bonuses:

Dream Course
Guided Software
Video Tutorial
8-Hour Digitizing
Theory Lessons
11 Embroidery
10 Digitized
ESA Fonts
Facebook Group

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These Bonuses Will Have You Confidently Digitizing In No Time

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Educational Bonuses:

Hatch Embroidery Software

Guided Software Video

Learn the foundational tools available in your Hatch embroidery software.

You’ll get a Hatch overview video lesson that walks you through your new software’s essential tools and abilities. It’s simple and easy-to-follow!


Creative Digitizing Series

8-Hr Digitizing Theory

Learn the age-old theory behind embroidery digitizing so you can digitize with ease.

You’ll get 8 hours of non- software-specific education on digitizing theory, taught by John Deer (the world’s most-awarded embroidery digitizer).

$349 Value. FREE

Digitizer's Dream Course square banner

Dream Course

Learn how to easily create embroidery designs using your new Hatch program.

You’ll get the entire first level of our fan-favorite Digitizer’s Dream Course, taught by John Deer (the world’s most-awarded embroidery digitizer).

$99.95 Value. FREE

Design Bonuses:

ESA Fonts for Hatch Embroidery Software

10 ESA

Choose 10 ESA fonts from our collection of nearly 1,000!

Our ESA fonts load directly into Hatch and perform the same way as the pre-loaded ESA fonts that come with Hatch.

$199 Value. FREE

Embroidery Design Collage

10 Embroidery

Choose 10 breathtaking embroidery designs from our collection of nearly 30,000!

Whether you’re into lace, applique, in-the-hoop designs, or virtually anything else, our giant collection has you covered!

$39.95 Value. FREE

Premium Embroidery Legacy Designs

1 Premium
Legacy Design

Choose 1 premium legacy design from our collection of over 125.

These large, attention demanding designs are perfect for creating jacket backs, wall hangings, quilt centerpieces, and more!

$12.95 Value. FREE

Exclusive Facebook Group

We run the world’s largest Hatch embroidery-specific Facebook group, with over 12,900 active members.

You’ll get access to the group where you’ll have lots of extra human support!

You can ask questions, share your work, and get inspired!

Get More Out Of Your Hatch Software By Ordering Hatch Digitizer Through The Deer’s Embroidery Legacy

Feature Buying Hatch Digitizer Through Hatch’s Website: Buying Hatch Digitizer Through Us:
Hatch Software of Your Choice
Hatch’s Sale Price
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Hatch’s Software Tutorial Videos
Hatch’s Email Tech Support
Access to Exclusive Facebook Group
Hatch Overview Video Lesson ($ value)
Digitizer’s Dream Course Level 1 ($value)
Choice of 10 Embroidery Designs ($value)
8 Hours of Digitizing Theory Education ($ value)
Choice of 1 Premium Legacy Embroidery Design ($value)
Choice of 20 Professionally Designed ESA Fonts ( $ value)
Value: $1099 | Price: $899 Value: $1450 | Price: $899

Please note: Customers purchasing Hatch Digitizer will receive all bonuses. Customers purchasing Hatch Composer, or Hatch Producer, will not receive the Digitizer’s Dream Course, 8 Hours of Digitizing Theory Education, or the Hatch Overview Video Lesson. We will send you your bonuses once we receive verification from Hatch that you purchased through us.

Digitizing Bonuses That Matter

John Deer has been the most awarded embroidery digitizer in the world for over two decades now. As a 4th generation embroiderer, John has an incredibly unique history in the embroidery digitizing industry as he is the last remaining Schiffli Master Digitizer still alive and teaching in North America. John has run 2 commercial embroidery factories, owned one of the world’s largest production digitizing houses, wrote the book “Digitizing Made Easy” (which has sold over 44,300 copies), and coached 100,000+ embroiderers.

If you’re buying Hatch embroidery software, you’ll want to make sure you get John’s exclusive bonuses. Each bonus is included specifically to help new Hatch users excel at digitizing.

Ready To Save On Hatch?

Whether you want to create/edit custom designs with digitizing, embroider custom lettering and
monograms, organize your designs, or really anything else, Hatch software is
here to help turn your embroidery dreams into a reality!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Start by clicking one of the “Download Hatch Trial” or “Buy Now” buttons here on our website. You will be redirected to one of our reseller pages on Hatch’s official website to log in and complete your trial download or purchase. Visiting Hatch’s site through one of our reseller pages will drop a tracking cookie in your browser to ensure Hatch knows you came from our website and want to receive our bonuses.


2. After arriving on the page shown above through our website, log in to your account on Hatch’s website. If you do not yet have an account, create one.

3. From here, complete your download or purchase on Hatch’s website. As long as our reseller tracking cookie is the last one dropped in your browser, we will receive credit for your trial or purchase, and you will receive our bonuses. Ensure you don’t have any cookie-blocking software active to ensure we’re marked as your reseller & you get our bonuses.

4. Next, sit back and relax, knowing you got the best possible deal on Hatch with our exclusive bonuses! Once Hatch sends us confirmation that you downloaded or purchased Hatch through us, we’ll send you an email with your amazing gifts. Please note that this can take up to a week. If it’s been longer than a week, please email us so we can get you sorted at [email protected]

Please note: We will send you your bonuses once we receive verification from Hatch that you purchased through us. For customers purchasing with Flex-pay, you will receive the same bonuses. Access to the Digitizer’s Dream Course will be provided to you once we receive confirmation of your purchase from Hatch. However, your bonus fonts & embroidery designs will not be sent until your final Flex-pay payment is completed.

Hatch works with virtually every embroidery machine. Please see the machine formats that Hatch can read and write below. If your format is there, than yes Hatch will work with your machine.

Hatch will read most domestic embroidery file types. It can read the following formats:

  • Wilcom: .EMB & .EMX
  • Melco: .EXP
  • Tajima: .DST
  • Janome: .JAN .JEF .JEF+ .JPX .SEW .EMX .EMD
  • Bernina: .ART .EXP .ARX .ART70 .ART60 .ART50 .ART42 .ART (V1/2/3/4)
  • Brother/Babylock/Deco: .PES .PEC
  • Husqvarna/Viking/Pfaff: .VP3 .VIP .SHV .HUS .PCS .PCD .PCQ .PCM
  • Singer: .XXX .CSD
  • Melco Condensed .CND
  • Great Notions .GNC

Hatch can write the following formats:

  • Save as: .EMB (.EMB is your “working file”. Although not necessary, it is recommended to save all designs to .EMB before you export to your machine format. This is the best format to edit your designs in the future)

Export designs to:

  • .EXP
  • .DST
  • Janome/Elna: JEF .JPX .SEW .EMD
  • Bernina: .EXP
  • Brother/Babylock/Deco: .PES . PEC
  • Husqvarna/Viking/Pfaff: .VP3 .VIP .SHV .HUS .PCS .PCD .PCQ .PCM
  • Singer: .XXX .CSD
  • Melco: .EXP
  • Tajima: .DST

Hatch does not require a dongle to run. It’s a downloadable product which can be used on multiple computers. This is an advantage over other programs which require dongles as you do not need to repurchase the program if a dongle is lost.

Although Hatch is not a native Mac program, as with other PC programs, you can use Hatch with a Mac provided you use Bootcamp (built into Mac) or purchase a program to run Windows in Mac called Parallels. You will need both a copy of Windows as well as a copy of Parallels. Please visit Apple’s website or the Parallels website to get any further information and support for running Windows on a Mac.

Yes. Hatch embroidery software can be downloaded for use on up to 3 computers. However, you can only run Hatch on 1 computer at a time.

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