You may have heard of the Embroidery Legacy Design Club. With thousands of members worldwide who absolutely love it, you might be wondering what all the hype is about… Or better yet, you might be a new member (if so, congratulations!) and are wondering how to use your membership to access our giant selection of embroidery designs to start creating stunning projects. Either way, this article is here to help!

Design Club

What is an Embroidery Legacy Design Club Membership?

Want a full run-down of our Embroidery Legacy Design Club Membership?

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Our membership is an easy and cost-effective way to download our huge selection of high-quality embroidery designs and tutorials anytime, anywhere, to create that perfect embroidery project that’ll impress your friends and family. 

There are three different types of memberships to choose from: 

  • Occasional Stitcher
  • Embroidery Enthusiast
  • Embroidery Addict
EL Club Breakdown

Our membership system is like ordering your coffee. There’s a small, medium, and large. The product you’re purchasing is the same, but the amount you’re getting depends on what level you order. 

We often get asked, “Why should I get a membership when I can order designs individually?”. This is a great question, and the answer really comes down to saving time and money. Being an Embroidery Legacy Design Club Member means you’ll score some amazing savings by getting up to 89% off our huge embroidery designs!  

In short, the Design Club saves you a ton of money in the long run. Plus, because our designs are all guaranteed to be digitized properly, you can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with time-wasting “bulletproof” designs that destroy your fabric and cause embroidery “birds nests” & thread breaks.

Ohh, did we mention it’s a one-time payment with no auto-renewal?

If you’re not yet a member, click here to learn more now. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this…

How Does The Embroidery Legacy Design Club Work?

It’s actually really easy! Our membership is point based.

What does that mean? You start with a certain amount of points each month and use them up as you go to download designs. 

99% of the designs on our site cost only 1 point. However, a few of our specialty designs require 5 points (due to the considerable amount of time it takes to create them), and our really amazingly detailed Premium Legacy designs are 1 premium point. 

EL Membership Points

As you’ve seen above, the amount of download points you have is renewed monthly. 

Your monthly “refill” of points is based on the day you joined. So if you started your membership on the 15th, one month would count as the 15th of that month until the 15th of the next month.

If you don’t use all your points within the month, they will roll over to the next month. But you must use all your points before your one-year membership ends.

How Do I Know How Many Points I Have Left?

There are tons of great designs to choose from, so it can be hard to remember how many points you have left. 

If you ever need to check your point balance, simply go to your “my account/classroom” at the top right, and click on your “membership” section.

EL Membership

What If I want to Save Designs To Download Later?

We’ve thought of that too! Since we have a giant database for you to choose from, we know you’ll love more than you can download all at once. So we’ve added a Wishlist feature to our site.

wishlist heart feature

When you find a design you love and want to keep tabs on, simply click the heart icon beside the design. This will keep the design in your wishlist, so it’ll be easier for you to find in the future.

EL Wishlist

To find all your wishlist designs, simply sign in to your account and access your wishlist in the top right-hand corner of the site.

How Do I Search For Designs?

There are two different ways to search for a design.

  1. You can click on the magnifying glass at the top right. This is a search engine; whatever you type in will narrow your search to your keywords.
EL Design Search

2. You can click on “Embroidery Designs” and then “Browse Categories” to narrow down your search while still seeing other related options.

EL Categories

Once you have found your desired design selection, you can use the dropdown menu close to the top left to further sort from “newest” or “most popular.”

What Machine Formats Come With My Downloaded Designs?

We provide design formats for all popular machine brands: art, dst, emb, exp, hus, jef, pes, shv, vip, vp3, and xxx.

Each embroidery design downloaded will come with all design formats. 

Sometimes people ask if there’s any way to download just one file format. There is not. You get the whole package. This is because if you decide to switch machine brands in the future, we’ve got your back! You’ll already have all your favorite downloaded designs in the format you need.

How Do I Download Designs With My Membership?

This is easier than you think! When you’re logged into your account and have found the perfect design you want to download, simply press the design zipped name that is colored.

The zipped name will be one of two colors:

  • Green: this means you’ve already downloaded the design. If you click the green button again, the design will quickly re-download without costing you any points.
  • Red: this means you haven’t downloaded the design yet. Once you click this button, a pop-up will appear, asking you to confirm you’d like to use your points to download this design. Simply click “yes” if you’d like to download this design.
Downloading zip

We make our memberships super easy to use! When downloading designs with your membership, you do not have to add them to your cart and go through checkout. Clicking the colored zip name is a fast way for an immediate download. Who doesn’t love saving time?

Once you click the green-colored zip name, your embroidery design will immediately be downloaded to save where you wish and use on your next project!

How Do I Unzip My Downloaded Design?

We actually get this question a lot, and it definitely sounds more complicated than it is. 

Depending on the computer you’re using:

  • A dropdown will appear with a choice to “un-zip” that folder; then, you can choose the path you want it to unzip to.
  • Or you can simply double left-click the zipped file, and an unzipped folder will appear.
unzipping embroidery files

Where Can I see Past Designs I’ve Downloaded?

Login to your account in the top right, and go to the “downloads” section. Here you’ll find all your previous downloads.

Re-Downloading Previous Designs

While in your “downloads” section, you’ll see all your previous downloaded designs. 

Hover your mouse over the design you want to re-download under the “download” section.

EL Downloads

Click on the highlighted design, and it will automatically re-download onto your computer.

Please be sure to back up your past purchases. Given the parameters of our system, you must have an active Legacy Design Club membership to re-download designs ordered with your membership.

Embroidery Legacy Club Membership: Any Design, Any Time, Anywhere

With so many designs and tutorials available with our membership, you’ll create amazing new projects in no time!

If you’re not yet a Club member, be sure to sign up for our Embroidery Legacy Design Club. If you’re already a member, congratulations on joining us and getting instant access to 30,000 amazing designs! 

We would love for you to share your stitch outs with us on our Machine Embroidery & Digitizing Made Easy Facebook page (be sure to check out our Stitch To Win Contest to win a free design membership!).

The next step of your embroidery legacy begins with ours.