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Thousands of Embroidery Designs, Endless Creations

It’s one thing to buy a gift for yourself, your family, or someone you care about; it’s another thing entirely to create one. Something you made from thread, fabric, and your own creative spark. Something that demands attention and makes them say, “Wow, you made this?”.

Imagine the breath-taking creations you could make for your friends, family, or even just yourself with access to over 27,300 embroidery designs, new weekly releases, and easy to follow project video tutorials at your fingertips…

Now stop imagining and start creating with the Embroidery Legacy Design Club! It includes:

Detailed Designs

Detailed Machine Embroidery Designs

Applique Designs

Applique Machine Embroidery Designs

1950’s Freestanding Lace

Freestanding Lace Machine Embroidery Designs

In-the-Hoop Projects

ITH projects

Mylar Designs

Mylar Machine Embroidery Designs

Project Tutorials

Embroidery Art Projects

3 Membership Levels to Choose From

Save money on quality embroidery designs with one of the affordable membership options below. For one low yearly cost (yes, the prices below are for the full year, not monthly), these memberships allow you to choose and download a set number of designs each month for an entire year from our database of over 27,300 designs. All memberships also include access to our video project tutorials.


$57Per Year
  • ✔️ 5 design downloads / month ($237 Value)
  • ❌ Does not include access to Large Legacy designs


$127Per Year
  • ✔️ 20 design downloads / month ($948 Value)
  • ✔️ Includes 3 bonus Large Legacy downloads within the year ($59.85 Value)


$267Per Year
  • ✔️ 50 design downloads / month ($2370 Value)
  • ✔️ Includes 12 bonus Large Legacy downloads within the year ($239.40 Value)

Exclusive Bonus for Gold & Diamond Members

  • Sea Turtle embroidery design
  • Embroidery Art Harbour embroidery design
  • leopard jumbo design image
  • wolf pack scene embroidery design
  • tropical flowers embroidery design
  • stingray scene
  • Embroidery Design: Eagle Pride Med<br> 7.55w X 6.91h
  • Classic Bike embroidery design
  • Tree From Machine Embroidery Design

Gold & Diamond members also get access to the Large Legacy Design Collection.

Perfect for jacket backs, pillows, quilts, or wall hangings, most of these breath-taking designs range in sizes to fit a 5×7″ hoop or larger given the incredible amount of detail digitized into them. We did not sell these designs individually online before being included as an exclusive bonus here. 

Most were only available in our 60th Year Legacy Collection released in October 2018 to mark our family’s 60th year in the embroidery industry.
Gold members can download 3 of these stunning designs within their year’s membership while Diamond members can download 12.

Your Membership Will Not Automatically Renew

After your first year, your membership will not automatically renew. We’re confident that the quality of embroidery designs and tutorials we provide will speak for themselves and have you coming back on your own.

It Only Gets Better Every Month

Our giant database of embroidery designs, projects, and tutorials is constantly growing! So, you’ll keep your creativity flowing and your machine sewing without getting bored or running out of new creative project options.

New Weekly Design Releases

New Machine Embroidery Designs

Monthly Project Video Tutorials

Monthly Tutorial Embroidery Projects

Quality Guarantee: Get Your Sewing Sanctuary Back

Have you ever tried sewing a random design you found online on your machine but kept getting tread breaks, bird-nests, and overall just ended up frustrated, so you gave up? In most cases, the problem isn’t your machine, the thread, or the stabilizer, and usually, it’s not even your fault!

The issue is that not all embroidery designs are created equal.

Some designs available online may look beautiful on screen, but when you stitch them out, you run into tons of issues. It’s usually because the design was created for pennies on the dollar by an inexperienced digitizer or worse; It was auto-digitized by embroidery software. Simply put: If a design file isn’t created properly in the first place (this process is known as digitizing), it won’t sew properly on your machine.

With over 60 years of experience in the embroidery industry & 30 digitizing awards under our belt, we guarantee that no matter how detailed, every design on our site was digitized correctly to run smoothly on your embroidery machine from start to finish.

Quality Guaranteed

Here’s What Other’s Have to Say…

Pam Ewing Testimonial Image

Being a member of the Design Club gave me a chance to have high quality designs at a very affordable price

Every design I have stitched out has been flawless. After watching John’s video on FSL gave me the confidence to stitch my first FSL design. I have stitched several FSL designs, all are very beautiful and easy to stitch. The instructions for his designs are easy to follow. The first applique project I did was a bookmark, like all the designs on the site, it stitch flawless with easy to follow step by step instructions.

I have recommended this site to fellow embroiderers and will recommended the site to anyone thinking about purchasing an embroidery machine to give them the confidence of making beautiful designs.

– Pam Ewing

Robyn Sage Testimonial

As soon as my machine starting stitching out my first design from John Deer’s Embroidery Legacy I could tell the difference

I remember just watching in awe as the design took shape, there was something different, there was a smoothness in the way that it came together, every stitch was perfect, the density was spot on. It was just a simple floral design that I was putting down the legs of my trousers but it stood out over all the other designs that I had stitched out and received the most comments from others when I wore them, the flowers almost came to life.

I rave over his designs to every one of my embroidery friends and have no hesitation in recommending John Deer designs as I find them so superior to anything else that I have stitched.

– Robyn Sage

Sunny Villaescusa Testimonial

Very few companies can compete with the reliability of the Embroidery Legacy designs

The designs are beautiful (the traditional Messiani lace is superlative but there are other lovely flowers and heirloom techniques too).  AND, there are cute baby appliqués fit for onesies, quilts, and more.  Not all are pretty or cute, as John can get some comic ideas and/or manly-man hunting/sports stuff.  There is just so much at the one site you don’t need to check others for the perfect design.

Friends I have ‘taken’ to the Embroidery Legacy website have been instantly excited and impressed—and happy about the pricing too.  I have gotten lots of ‘friend points’ for introducing them to these high quality designs.

– Sunny Villaescusa

Your Design Club Questions, Answered:

We provide design formats for all popular machine brands: art, dst, emb, exp, hus, jef, pes, shv, vip, vp3, and xxx.

Yes! Any designs you download within your 1-year membership you get to keep even after your membership expires.

No. We strongly believe in treating others how we want to be treated ourselves. Because of this, your membership will not automatically renew once your one year is complete. Although we’d love to have you back, we believe you should make that choice yourself because you enjoy our designs and fun project tutorials.

Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade your membership with your 1-year period given the way our site is set up. You can always upgrade the next year though!

Given our site works on a monthly basis, monthly design downloads do not carry into the next month if they are not used. It’s kind of like most phone plans, if you don’t use all your minutes 1 month they don’t carry into the next. Keep in mind though, even if life gets in the way 1 month and you only downloaded 10 designs instead of 20 within your Gold membership plan, you still only paid $0.80 per quality embroidery design… Which is still an amazing deal!

You cannot sell the design files you download on our website or put the design files into a design & sell that digital file as your own. However, you may sell embroidered physical goods and items that have our designs on them in quantities up to 50 items per order. This means that if you run a small business and get an order, you can use our designs for that order as long as you are not creating more than 50 embroidered items at once within that order. There is no limit on the number of orders each design can be used for. For more information on selling our designs, please refer to our terms & conditions.

No, your membership does not operate off of a calendar month. Instead your membership operates based off of the day in which you joined. So if you started your membership on the 15th, 1 month would count as the 15th of that month until the 15th of the next month.

Downloading embroidery designs within your membership is easy. This video will walk you through the process of finding and downloading designs:

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