Get your gardening clothes on! We’re going out to do some serious work in the garden, and we’ll need some fantastic embroidery ideas to take with us.

gardening quilt

What? Never thought about embroidery in the garden? There are TONS of places where we can add a touch of embroidery elegance and fun. Whether you are a novice or a constant gardener, we have a lot of fun ideas for you to try! All of these can be made with home materials and some inexpensive alternatives.

We never really think embroidery is appropriate for the garden due to dirt, rain weather, etc., but there are many ways you can include it. We want you to think “outside the box” and try new things differently. Let’s get out of our heads and into the garden. Let’s get digging!

Machine Embroidery Project ideas for the Garden

Materials now are so versatile; marine vinyl, woven fabrics, and neoprene allow you to expose your work to the elements and not have them ruined. Just like annual flowers, you don’t have to make something that lasts forever; you can make items just for this year and recreate new ones next year.

Want to learn more about different types of fabrics used in embroidery? Click here to learn about machine embroidery’s three main fabric categories.

With all the following project ideas below, we suggest polyester thread. Rayon is lovely, but it will not hold up to the elements such as the sun and being wet for long. Of course, Polyester has its limitations too, but it will last longer than other alternatives.  

Who knew there were so many factors when choosing embroidery thread? Click here to learn about the different types of machine embroidery threads and when to use them.

Let’s look at some project ideas for you to create.

Embroidered Pot Covers

You can use old vinyl to create some awesome pot covers. You can embroider on each side and just sew right up each seam- no linings!! If you do not like the seam edge on the outside, you can turn them inside out. Remember to cut a hole in the bottom for water to drain out.

embroidered plant pot covers

Don’t forget you can change and create new pot covers based on each season. From pumpkins to Santas to spring flowers, you’ll always be able to decorate for the season. Click here to check out our many different floral and garden embroidery designs to accentuate your project.

Likewise, you can use burlap or other durable fun fabric to make a “sleeve” that can be held in place with elastic on top and bottom. Embroider the side with your favorite design, sew it into a tube and sew a pocket on the top and bottom for elastic or a colorful drawstring.

garden pot cover sleeve

Embroidered Plant Stakes

Plant stakes are another quick and easy project. Pick your favorite veggie or flower design, stitch out on Marine Fabric (remember these are U.V. protected) and glue it onto a purchased plant stake. Or a simpler, easier way; glue onto a foam core square and stick a chopstick in! Simple, easy, and fun!

garden stake veggie

Embroidered Flags

Flags can show your heritage, skills, achievements, or just be good old fun!!  

Use nylon ripstop flag material or U.V. marine fabric. Make sure you use a stabilizer on the nylon fabric (no-show mesh works well), and don’t use overly complicated or dense designs.  

Applique embroidery is a fantastic technique on flags! Hem the edges, use 2-inch webbing folded over for the edge stabilizer, and add grommets to hook to your flag pole.  

Embroidered Garden Organizer

These garden organizers are simple to create. On a piece of material, sew a few bottom pockets to keep your seeds, gloves and mix-matched supplies in. Creating a top banner with holes to display your gardening tools. Then create ties at the top so you can attach it to a chair arm or small fence to keep all your gardening supplies in one place and for easy access.

garden organizer

Embroidered Garden Totes

For those of us who do not really sew, a pre-made tote bag with a colorful design is perfect to tote your garden supplies and seeds. For those of us who love to sew- try a durable vinyl tote that you can hose off at the end of your gardening time.

embroidered plant tote

Embroidered Garden Gloves

Ever thought of embroidering garden gloves? It would be best if you kept your designs small, close to the edge of the glove, staying clear of the hemmed edge. The glove’s cuff can be floated or hooped in a tiny hoop.

Rubberized gloves can be embroidered, but you will succeed more on cloth or leather gloves.

Embroidered Kneeler Cover

We’ve all seen those foam kneeling pads at every garden center checkout. If you’re not going to get muddy, why not make a cover you can kneel on that’s washable and ready for your next session?  

You can use old pillowcases and embellish them with embroidery, providing a more comfortable surface.

Potholder Knee Pads

Wait! What??! Use a potholder as a knee pad? That sounds crazy…. Well, it’s not!

All you need is a durable material, batting, stabilizer, and a great embroidery design! After you have completed your “pot holder,” you can sew on elastic or ties to secure them behind your knees. They keep you clean and protected and are washable to boot! What a great combination!

Want to learn how to make your own personalized potholder? Click here to access our free Friday Try Day potholder project where we show you step-by-step how to create your own with Hatch embroidery software! New to Hatch? Click here to download your free 30-day trial.

Embroidered Shear Holster

Gardening shears are very expensive; you don’t want to lose them! Create a quick and easy shear holder out of old automotive or marine vinyl with a loop for your belt or a tie around your waist.

garden shear holster

Using a long rectangle of fabric or vinyl (neoprene works great too!), fold over, leaving a tab that can be trimmed if desired. Cut two rectangle holes for your belt, fold over and stitch up the sides. VOILA! Never lose those expensive garden shears again!


Remember, bandanas aren’t just for our pets! They started as handy tools for cowboys and farmers to keep their necks cool and protected from sunburns. What better way to stay cool than by getting to add some personalized embroidery?

Store-bought bandanas are inexpensive and easy to embroider. 

Even better? Make your own size! You can roll up ice cubes in them and tie them around your neck for a frosty cool on the hottest days.

Outdoor Themed Embroidery Projects – for those who don’t garden but still love the outdoors

Not all of us have the gardening bug; some of us just like to relax. After a long day outside or at work, nothing is better than relaxing on the patio with an ice-cold drink. Here are some awesome ideas for keeping cool, looking stylish, and using your embroidery creativity.

Embroidered 3D Flower Coaster or Centerpiece

Why not add a floral touch to your decor without worrying about it withering away quickly? 

This soft, supple in-the-hoop sunflower project is the perfect way to accentuate your coffee coaster collection for your front porch or to brighten up your back deck as an electric tea light holder.

sunflower coaster

Did we mention this gorgeous in-the-hoop sunflower coaster project is also free? Click here for your free in-the-hoop sunflower design and step-by-step instructions (no soil needed!).

We have over 100 different in-the-hoop flower and leaf designs that can be sewn individually or put together to create a beautiful arrangement! Click here to check out our in-the-hoop nature designs. (The best part is you don’t have to remember to water them to keep them looking fresh!)

Embroidered Drink Coozie

There’s nothing better on a hot day than a cold drink and keeping it cool! A coozie is just a neoprene rectangle sewn up one side into a sleeve and slid onto a can to keep it cold and fresh.  

Neoprene is easy to embroider but keep in mind that selecting designs that are not as stitch intensive will give better results.

Embroidered String Lights

You’re thinking of Christmas. Well, stop right there! You can create easy string light covers to add fun and sparkle to boring old Christmas lights. String them up on your patio or deck, sit back and enjoy!  

St Patrick String Lights

You can start learning this technique by using our in-the-hoop St Patrick’s daylights. Pick any color you like and embroider a string of easy flowers, which will add some fun to your patio or deck. Once you learn this technique, you will be able to use that as a starting place to digitize your own fanciful flowers and more.

Embroidered Wine Glass Charm

When it’s the end of the day and it is time to kick back with a glass of vino or juice, here’s a great way to decorate your glass and know the owner of each glass! 

wine glass Coaster Charm

These gorgeous freestanding lace designs hook onto your glass’s bottom and decorate any table. They are made entirely in the hoop and use a wash-away stabilizer. They can be stored flat and reused. Check out our metallic lace coaster charms by clicking here

Interested in learning more about freestanding lace? Click here for a tutorial and our top tricks to embroidering your own freestanding lace designs.

Flower and Garden Machine Embroidery Designs

Now that we’ve gone over some great project ideas for you to try, you’ll need to decorate them with the right embroidery designs! Be sure to download your plant and garden embroidery designs from an accredited source to prevent computer and machine issues.

Did you know here at Embroidery Legacy, we offer thousand of flower and gardening designs to help you create your next eye-catching embroidery project? Click here to scroll through our high-quality floral design categories.

Conclusion: Embroidery Is A Fun Way To Decorate Your Gardening

Many ideas have been discussed, so here are the main takeaways from this article are:

  • Think outside the box! Ideas for embroidery can come from anywhere. Repurpose good designs for new uses and get creative.
  • Consider the sun, rain, and dirt and use durable materials like vinyl or plan to create new (even better!) items for next year.
  • Don’t just use embroidery inside the home; you can expand your designs in or outside.

P.S. Before you “leaf”, don’t forget to click here to check out our thousands of flower and gardening embroidery designs to inspire your next creative project!