Mother’s Day Sayings Embroidery Design Pack

  • Machine embroidery design: Mothers hold their child's hand for a moment and their heart for a lifetime lg, hearts, embellishment, saying, holiday, mothers day, love, mom, mother's day, mama, expression, saying, phrase, Mothers Hold Their Child's Hand, hand, hands, celebrate, celebration, design, decoration, decorative, child, children, toddler, toddlers, celebrative, parent, parents,  ornament, ornamental, 
  • Machine embroidery design: The best moms get promoted to grandma, grandmother, sayings, mothers day sayings, mother's, gma, nana, hearts, embellishment, holiday, love, gma, grandma, mother's day calligraphy, word, words, expression, celebrate, celebration, grandchild, grandchildren, design, decoration, decorative, ornament, ornamental, 
  • Machine embroidery design: Because of you mom I am strong, mother's day, mothers, mama, sayings, embellishment, holiday, mothers day, mom strong, word, words, text, expression, saying, calligraphy, strong, strength, celebrate, celebration, ornament, ornamental, design, decoration, decorative,