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Digitizer’s Dream Course: Guaranteed To Teach You How To Digitize In Your Own Embroidery Software – Or Your Money Back

Ready to finally learn how to create and edit your own designs using your embroidery software? This process is called digitizing, and we’ve taught thousands and thousands of embroiderers of all ages how to do it!

If you’ve tried to learn how to digitize and given up, you’re not alone. Most of our students tried to digitize by taking in-store lessons, other online classes, or watching YouTube videos in the past. They quickly got frustrated, saw no results, and gave up…

John Deer Teaching a Embroidery Digitizing Class Live

Why? The reason is a missing key piece of the puzzle: embroidery digitizing theory.

Owning embroidery software is kind of like owning a calculator, you need some basic math theory to be able to actually use it.

The Digitizer’s Dream Course will quickly teach you the age-old theory and secrets behind creating-smooth running designs in a way that’s easy to understand. Unlike others, it’s taught by a true master digitizer who’s taught thousands how to digitize worldwide.

Within the first few lessons of the Digitizer’s Dream Course, you’ll start creating your own beautiful, smooth-running designs.

Create The Perfect Embroidery Design for Any Occasion & Personalize Any Project

  • Picture your kids wearing something truly unique and special that you created from the heart.
  • Picture your friends and family admiring your next embroidery project in disbelief when you tell them that it’s something you designed yourself.
  • Perhaps you run or would like to start an embroidery business. How much money would you save creating designs yourself instead of paying others to do it?


Embroidery Digitizing Stitch Out


Finished embroidery digitizing product


This Hands-On Course Will Have You Stitching Out Embroidery Designs Within the First Few Lessons

It’s scientifically proven that seeing and doing provides the best results when trying to learn something new. It’s one thing to watch a video, read a book, or have someone stand in front of you and tell you about the process. It’s an entirely different thing to be interactively doing it yourself. For this reason, our course will teach you something new about embroidery digitizing theory, and then have you apply it yourself in a fun exercise where you create an actual design!

To help you achieve faster results and retain more, our Digitizer’s Dream Course is the “new and improved” evolution of our original “Digitizing Made Easy” book that we released over a decade ago (which is the world’s #1 book on digitizing and has sold close to 50,000 copies).

Embroidery Digitizing Made Easy Book
Janet Bergeron testimonial

Great Lessons! I am brand new to digitizing and recently purchased the interactive lessons. One of the first lessons was teaching digitizing of a floral heart – I was able to bring in the artwork, digitize the design and stitch it out on a kitchen towel! It stitched flawlessly! I am so impressed that within the first few lessons I was able to get something stitched!

5 star review

– Janet Bergeron

Digitizing Dream Course – Level One Overview:

There are 3 levels of the Digitizer’s Dream Course to teach you how to use machine embroidery’s 3 primary stitch types. Each level focuses on 1 of the main 3 primary stitch types: the running stitch, the fill stitch, and the satin stitch. EVERY stitch type in existence is a simple variation of 1 of these 3 stitch types. Master these stitch types, and the creative possibilities are endless!

dizitizers dream course level 1

Level One focuses on the running stitch because it’s the most frequently used stitch type in machine embroidery. It includes:

  • Four bite-sized video lessons taught directly in the software brand you own. These videos never expire.
  • Digitize 12 designs yourself using artwork we supply. Moving from simple to more complex, you’ll digitize 12 designs with help from John so you can better understand and retain the theory taught.
  • One Certification Lesson. Digitize a design using the theory you’ve learned and send in your finished design to be evaluated by John personally. You’ll receive an official ‘Running-Stitch Certificate” for completing this certification lesson.

Special Offer! Get Level 1 for Only $9995 Today

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Includes a Limited Time Exclusive Bonus

Receive our entire Creative Digitizing Series when you enroll in Level 1 of the Digitizing Dream Course today. After you’ve mastered the basics, this 8-hour fan-favorite educational series will teach you how to digitize more artistic & specialized pieces of embroidery. This series is not specific towards any software brand & has sold over 10,600 copies globally at embroidery events alone.

This is a $349 Added Value!

Limited Time Exclusive Bonus
  • Section 1: Basic Digitizing Made Easy
  • Section 2: Learn How to Digitize Applique Designs
  • Section 3: Learn How to Digitize Fringe & Foam Designs
  • Section 4: Learn How to Digitize Flowers & Fruit Designs
  • Section 5: Learn How to Digitize Animals & Nature Designs
Meryl Robinson testimonial

Cannot recommend these lessons enough. The digitizing course from Embroidery Legacy is the best around, without question. Start at the beginning and work your way through. It will be money well spent. I quickly grasped the software and learnt so much more, to the extent that I was able to start up my own small business.

5 star review

– Meryl Robinson

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that we can teach you how to digitize that if our course fails to meet your expectations within the first two weeks, let us know and we’ll give you your money back.

Money back guarantee

About Your Embroidery Digitizing Instructor

John Deer Portrait Image

John Deer has been the most awarded embroidery digitizer in the world for over 20 years now. As a 4th generation embroiderer, John has an incredibly unique history in the embroidery digitizing industry as he is the last remaining Schiffli Master Digitizer still alive & teaching in North America. John learned and apprenticed under Swiss Schiffli Master Digitizers (then known as “punchers”) over 35 years ago in his grandparent’s factory, before computers even entered the digitizing world.

In the 1990’s-2000s John owned & ran one of North America’s largest commercial digitizing houses, where he did the digitizing for many large corporations including Disney, Coca-Cola, GM, the NFL, & the NBA. John has personally won 30 separate digitizing awards in the commercial industry and wrote the book on digitizing called “Digitizing Made Easy” which is used in Universities across the United States to teach those studying textile.

This Course Has Proven Results:

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you learn how to digitize in your own software, the Digitizer’s Dream Course is taught in 10 of the industry’s top brands:

If we don’t offer the Digitizer’s Dream Course in the software brand you currently own, or you don’t yet own digitizing software, you can still take our lessons! All digitizing software programs have the same basic tools used for digitizing: the running stitch, fill stitch & satin stitch.

Simply take the course in Hatch using our 30-day free trial, & then apply what you’ve learned to your own software brand. Download your Hatch trial through us & we’ll even supply you with some introductory digitizing lessons free! This is so that you can get a feel for the software & embroidery digitizing.

Click here to download your free Hatch trial & take your embroidery to the next level today!

Unfortunately, due to our lessons being illegally pirated in the past, you cannot download the lessons. However, we pay for a 3rd party streaming service to host our video lessons to ensure top-level Netflix like streaming speed and quality.

We realize that life gets busy sometimes. For this reason, no these lessons never expire. You can take them on your own time and at your own pace.

We’ve had thousands of embroiderers enroll in our Digitizer’s Dream Course, and we rarely ever receive questions on the course’s content. Why? Because we make sure that you can walk before you run. Our lessons are specifically designed to hold your hand every step of the way and gradually build upon each other.

If you do have a question though, we invite you to join our Digitizing Made Easy Facebook group. With over 14,000 active members and knowledgeable admins from around the world, there’s always someone available to help answer your questions (including John). It’s also a great place to share your work and see how other students are progressing!

Yours For Only $99 | $644 Value (Course + Bonus)

Remember, you’re protected by our 14-day money-back guarantee!