Applique Machine Embroidery Designs

Have some fabric scraps you’d like to use up? Why not add them into one of our beautiful applique designs to make yourself a one-of-a-kind embroidery creation! Scroll down to browse our applique embroidery design categories now:

What Are Applique Embroidery Designs?

Applique embroidery designs are designs that have pieces of fabric attached and sewn within them. Using fabric makes them extremely easy to customize as you’re able to personally select the fabric type and pattern sewn into your project to truly make it your own. Another bonus of using applique designs is that they take less time to stitch out because you’re using fabric to cover a portion of the design rather than having your machine sew a fill stitch to fill it in. 

Applique embroidery design example
Quality Digitizing Gauranteed

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Quality Digitizing Gauranteed

Enjoying These Applique Embroidery Designs?

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