What is an Applique Embroidery Design?

Applique machine embroidery designs are both fun and look great! Now if you’re not quite sure what applique machine embroidery designs are, in the simplest of terms:

Appliqué are embroidery designs that have smaller pieces of fabric attached & sewn within them. Click here to view our collection of close to 3000 applique embroidery designs now.

Applique embroidery designs

What Are the Benefits of Sewing an Applique Design?

In short: Appliqué designs are easily customised & take less time to sew out!

Applique designs are rather popular as they allow the embroiderer a great deal of customisation within a given project by allowing them to personally select the fabric type & pattern. This is a bonus as from my own experience younger children love applique given the unique feel of different fabric types.

In terms of digitizing, creating applique is a great way to reduce the stitch count in a design & still produce beautiful visual effects. Using an applique technique allows you to replace large fill areas with a simple sheet of fabric instead. This means less run time on your machine without sacrificing the look of a design!

Techniques on How to Stitch an Applique Design

This tutorial will teach you the technique of how and when to place and cut the material needed in applique patterns:

Step 1. Start sewing the design as you normally would. After the machine sews the outline/marking stitch be sure to stop the machine.

Step 2. Place the material over the outline stitch. Make sure the square is big enough to completely cover the stitch. As an option you can use light spray adhesive to hold the material down or use various stabilizers available specifically for applique placement.

Please note that some applique designs might come with SVG files that can be used on various cutting machines to pre-cut applique shapes automatically. This makes fabric placement fast, easy and perfect!

Step 3. Start the machine. The tack-down stitch will now sew on top of the applique securing it to the garment. You can see in the picture below what the design will look like when the tack-stitch is completed.
applique embroidery tutorial

Step 4. The next step is to completely cut around the tackdown stitch. We recommend applique scissors. Applique scissors prevent you from cutting through the garment by accident… Our personal favorites are a 6” double edge curve.

Step 5. After you are finished cutting the design out start the machine. The design will continue to sew and you are done with the applique portion of the design.
applique embroidery designs

Hopefully this has helped you better understand a bit more about applique embroidery designs and how to sew them. If you’d like to try creating one for yourself, click here to view our collection of close to 3000 applique embroidery designs now. Or, download 5 designs free from us (including 1 applique design) within our Free Embroidery Legacy Design Kit. Click here to download it now.

If you enjoyed this article or have any questions about stitching out applique, please feel free to leave a comment below!